In the last century, we greatly expanded the notion of what it means to be human. Remarkable innovations in both science and technology brought us to the moon, laid the foundation of the Internet, and cured many of the most pressing diseases that plagued us for eons.

What’s next?

To further explore our own human boundaries, a wave of new technologies needs to emerge that can access, read, and write from the most powerful tool we have—the human brain.

At Kernel, our primary aim is to develop technologies to radically improve and expand human cognition.



We are a team of neuroscientists and engineers who are driven by the belief that exploring the brain is the most urgent and important challenge of this century. We are building from two decades of breakthrough research and working closely with private partners and the world’s best scientists to make the tools that will make the future of neuroscience possible.

Would you like to join us in on this journey? We are hiring.

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Bryan Johnson, Founder & CEO

Brain science is the next great frontier of exploration.

Every audacious endeavor begins with a kernel. We want to expand the bounds of human intelligence, and this is our start, small by design.

We’re going to build technologies that will benefit the lives of billions for generations to come, and we need your help. We’re actively recruiting the brightest minds in neuroscience and engineering.