Human life expectancy has doubled in the last century. Innovations in science and technology have given us fighting chances against diseases and even death. Now, we have the opportunity to focus on vibrant and healthy lives.

At Kernel, we believe that starts with the most powerful tool of intelligence we have: the human brain.

We’re working to maintain its vitality and unlock its trapped potential — to tackle the world’s most promising opportunities and vexing challenges and to create more meaningful, enjoyable, and fulfilling existences.


Our story.

We’re a team of scientists and engineers on a mission to dramatically increase our quality of life and create a thriving humanity. We believe that starts with a renewed focus on human intelligence (HI).

Machines of all kinds can help us along the way, but our vision is one in which we humans maintain and expand our authorial power. The advanced intelligence of tomorrow is a collaboration between the natural and the artificial. United, unheard of possibilities abound.

We’re building off two decades of breakthrough research, working closely with private partners and scientists to get usable solutions in the hands of people everywhere. We’re starting with potential applications for patients with cognitive disorders.

Bryan Johnson, Founder & CEO


Ed Boyden, MIT.

György Buzsáki, NYU.

Konrad Kording, Northwestern University.

Ken Shepard, Columbia University.

Brain science is the next great frontier of exploration.
Join us, in LA or Boston.

Every audacious endeavor begins with a kernel. We want to expand the bounds of human intelligence, and this is our start, small by design.

We’re going to build technologies that will benefit the lives of billions for generations to come, and we need your help. We’re actively recruiting the brightest minds in neuroscience and engineering.