Hooman Mohseni, PhD, has joined Kernel as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and will direct engineering, physics, photonics, signal processing, and neuroscience teams developing non-invasive technologies to understand, improve, and expand human cognition. Mohseni brings to Kernel 25 years of expertise in solid-state quantum devices, materials science, and photonics. His multidisciplinary experience includes research and product development in academic, government, and private entities, including executive roles at two startups.

“Kernel is not a conventional start up, where a certain idea or technology is at the core of its activities. Instead, it is a collection of the best talent from different fields working in tandem to achieve the technological and scientific breakthroughs needed for making compact brain interfaces with unprecedented performance a reality,” Mohseni said. He joins a team of world-experts in neuroscience, physics, electrical engineering, photonics, and signal processing.

Kernel’s mission is to enable the tools for radical human cognitive improvement. “Neurotechnology, ethically developed, has the capacity to change every person’s daily routines and life for the better,” Kernel Founder and CEO, Bryan Johnson said. “It is the only path forward to ensure humanity can thrive into the future. The last great frontier is inward.”



“Hooman’s breadth of expertise and track record of breakthroughs aligns with the opportunities and challenges at Kernel. He is uniquely qualified to accelerate our efforts to bring to market non-invasive technology to interface with the brain.”

Bryan Johnson, Founder & CEO of Kernel 

“At Kernel, we are realistic about the magnitude of the challenges involved in making a commercially viable brain interface. It entails making devices near the theoretical limit of sensing, power consumption, weight, size, and cost. It requires efficient and extensive collaboration between experts from widely different disciplines, including physical scientists, neurobiologists, information theorists, hardware engineers, and software engineers. Most importantly, we know that existing technologies are not sufficient, and that we need to achieve new breakthroughs in science and technology to reach this goal.”

Hooman Mohseni, Chief Technology Officer of Kernel 


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